Day 2

         Complete missing items from the PCA.

15 min

         Discuss The Teaching gap

40 min

            -   Form four groups

                  -   Each group discusses Question 1 5 min

                  -   Group n discusses question n+1 10 min

                        -   Each group develops white board of bullet points that summarizes their discussions

                  -   Group presentations 20 min

            -   In-class activity

30 min

                  -   Provide a problem; ask teachers to describe (at a level consistent with The Teaching Gap) typical ways in which this problem would be treated in US, German, and Japanese instruction.

-   Followup discussion of why we are asking teachers to do this



15 min (100 min)


10 minutes

- Focus on listening to students will be a long term theme of the course

- In the same vein, we will focus on listening to each other with the intent of understanding what each of us is trying to say

- Needed norms: Trust, safety, respect at the same time of maintaining high expectations of each other

         Introduction to covariation and "listening to students"

70 min

            -   Embodied activity

                  -   Tracking variable quantities' values individually

                  -   Coordinating variations in both quantities

            -   Introduction to first videotape; use excerpts to lead discussion of how to watch videos with the aim of understanding students' thinking (must also consider mutual interpretations of teacher's motivations and understandings and student's motivations and understandings)

            -   Video analysis assignment