case 1

This series of modules documents the instruction of Ms. Coombs over the Spring 2007 semester of her Algebra 1 class. Ms. Coombs collaborated with Dr. Pat Thompson for the full year. The entire year's instruction is documented at

Ms.Coombs met weekly with Dr. Thompson to plan the upcoming week's instruction, to discuss students' conceptual progress and difficulties, and to revisit instructional goals for the semester. Dr. Thompson and his assistants (Carlos Castillo-Garsow and Sharon Lima) attended each of Ms. Coomb's lessons and held a debriefing session in Ms. Coomb's free period immediately after class.

The overall goal for the semester was to develop students' algebraic reasoning upon a firm foundation of quantitative reasoning, covariational reasoning, and representational equivalence.


Module2-Linear Functions

Module3-Sums of Functions

Module4-Factoring and Polynomials

Module5-Quadratic Functions